Best Company law Consultancy in Bihar

Taxation and Financial Expert

For businesses we need to separate our Personal legal Status and Monetary status, so that we can a business bigger and safer.

As a Company Law Consultant, we are here to provide you complete services from incorporation to winding up without any hurdle. At Bihar tax consultant we worked with Businesses in Parallel so that they can grow without the pain of compliance.

As we all known Private Limited Company Incorporation is a good options who are dreaming high, this type of incorporation provides reliability in the minds of supplier and customers on one hand and provide security in the minds of the promoters on the other hand but it comes with a cost. The cost is enhanced level of Compliance management, and in case of non-compliance of the rules or procedure ready to face high pecuniary fines.

To manage all compliance before Due Dates appoint Bihar Tax Consultant as a your Company Law Consultant or Company Law Advisors so that you can reap profits and not punishments.

As a Company Law Consultant we provides

  1. Company Incorporation  Services
    1. Private Limited Companies
    2. Limited Liabilities Partnership
    3. One Person Company
    4. Small Companies
    5. Section 8 companies
  2. Appointment of first Auditor
  3. Commencement of Business
  4. Verification of Registered Office
  5. Issue of Share Certificate
  6. Transfer of Shares
  7. Change of Registered Office
  8. Appointment of Subsequent Auditor
  9. Filling of Annual Compliance
  10. Filling of Annual return
  11. Addition of Director
  12. Cessation of Director
  13. Addition of Designated Partners in LLP
  14. Cessation of Designated Partners In LLP
  15. Change of Company Name
  16. Change of Main Objects of Company
  17. Increase in Authorized Share Capital  of the company
  18. Increase in Paid Up Share Capital in company
  19. Winding up of Private Limited Companies
  20. Amalgation of Private Limited Companies