Trademark Registration Consultant in Bihar

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In today’s competitive age, one should not only focus on expansion and compliance management of business but also focuses on the protection of intellectual proprieties of the business. The brand protection is one most essential factor in determining company’s future growth and expansion.

We at Bihar Tax Consultant ranks as Best Trademark Registration Consultant in Bihar helps you to register and protect the Trademarks. With years of experience in Trademark Registration, we guide towards a straight path.

Benefits of Trademark Registration –

  1. Exclusive Rights: The owner can have the unique rights
  2. Builds trust and Established reputation of the business:
  3. It makes it the customers easy to choose the Product:
  4. It Identifies the product’s Quality and customers attachment:
  5. Creation of Assets to improves self-confidence and responsibilities :
  6. The ® symbol states that it is your registered trademark no one can violate it:
  7. Protection against violation of your product:
  8. Attract Human Resources and inspires the positive image of your organization:

What can be comes under Trademark Registration –

  1. Name: It may include Product Name, Business Name, Person’s Name/Surname, and Abbreviations.
  2. Logo/Symbol: Decide on your unique brand name and logo.
  3. Tagline: For example, Disneyland: “The happiest place on Earth.”
  4. Other Options: It may include Color Mark, Sound Mark, Scent Mark.

Process of Trademark Registration –

  1. Trademark Public Search
  2. Trademark Application Filling
  3. Trademark Objection Hearing
  4. Trademark Opposition Hearing
  5. Trademark Examination
  6. Trademark Journal Publication
  7. Trademark Registration Certificate