Consent Letter For GST Registration

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Why a Consent letter for GST Registration is attached?

A consent letter is a document that authenticates the owner of the property has allowed his premises to be used by the taxpayer for the said business. A no-objection certificate or a consent letter for GST registration is required to be attached along with the Address proof of business.

What would happen if I will not attach a consent letter for GST registration? A Show Cause Notice would be received by a taxpayer to attach a consent letter. Look at the extract of a notice.

Where a consent letter is attached with address proof?

Proof of Principal place of business (Any One)  Consent Letter
  Electricity Bill
  Legal Ownership Documents
  Municipal Khata Copy
  Property Tax Receipt

GST portal allows the following options as “Nature of Possession of Premises”.

  • Consented
  • Own
  • Leased
  • Others
  • Rented
  • Shared

However, a consent letter is required only in the case of “Consented” and “Shared” premises.

In case you forgot to attach a consent letter along with the address proof, the GST officer will communicate with you via E-mail or Phone regarding incomplete GST REG-01 (GST Registration form). In that case, the taxpayer will need to attach a consent letter later on.

What should be the size and format of upload on the GST portal

The size of the consent letter file should be a maximum of 100 Kb and the file should be in JPEG or PDF format. After downloading the word file and making changes, the file should either be saved into PDF format or converted into JPEG format.

Where to attach the consent letter?

The consent letter should be attached along with the Proof of ownership on the GST portal while filing the GST registration form. There is no separate place for attaching consent letters in the form.

Whether the consent letter should be notarized?

In several instances, the GST registration form has been objected to by the GST officials for the reason is not notarized. The objection is being mailed to the registered email address and corrective action needs to be taken by the recipient within the prescribed time.

However, attaching not notarized consent letter works most of the time. It depends upon the filler whether to notarize it or not.

Download Consent Letter or No Objection Certificate in word

No Objection Certificate

I, _______ (Name of owner) _______, presently residing at ___________________________

_____________________, having PAN ___________ do hereby certify that I am the rightful owner of_________________ (Name of place of business).

Further, I have permitted (Name of Applicant), to use the above-mentioned property for business purposes. It is hereby solemnly affirmed that I have no objection to the above property being used for the stated purpose.

This is no objection certificate issued for the purpose of obtaining registration under GST.


(Name of Owner)

Consent Letter Frequently Asked Question

A consent letter or No objection Certificate are one and the same thing. It is used to provide consent from the owner to taxpayer for use of premises as place of business in GST.

No, Attaching only consent letter will not work. You need to attach Address proof along with Consent Letter.

Letter for Authorization in GST Registration</a> is attached for appointment of Authorized Signatory while consent letter is attached to give consent to use premises.

If premises is rented or leased and you are attaching “Rent Receipt” as address proof, then you should definitely get consent letter on stamp paper.

However, in case of consented premises, blank consent letter works most of the time. In some cases we have witnessed Show Cause Notice issued. So, it will solely depend upon you.

Yes, a consent letter can be attached after receiving the Show cause notice. Such can be attached while submitting an application for clarification.