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  • Name Approval
  • Drafting of LLP Agreement
  • RENT Agreement Drafting
  • 2 DPIN for Directors
  • Certificate OF Incorporation of LLP
  • GST Registration

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  • Name Approval
  • Drafting of LLP Agreement
  • RENT Agreement Drafting
  • 2 DPIN for Directors
  • Certificate OF Incorporation of LLP
  • Registration
  • Trademark Application
  • Visiting Card design
  • 100 Physical Visiting Card
  • Letterhead
  • Professional Website
  • LLP Personalized Stamps
  • Listing on GMB
  • 1 Year Domain & Hosting
  • 2 Custom email ids
  • Physical Copy of All Certificates

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Depending upon the contribution/capital amount, the government fees may vary as per State Rules and will be charged extra. Charges Shown above is only professional fees and any other government fees or stamp duty must be paid by concerned person we only provides support and professional assistance, the Registration to any ACT/STATUTE/ORDER is subject laid down by the same.

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OVERVIEW of LIMITED Liability Partnership

Just after the internet boom and Start-ups Jargon in India, a bunch of professionals who just want to become Business owner from salaried classes search the less complicated way of incorporation of their dream companies. As they are professionally talented in their domains but not have deep pockets and even want less intricacies with law so that they more focus on their dream not on compliance.

The LLP model of incorporation is must successful for professional as well as to small and medium businesses in general, as well as businesses in the service sector in particular.

In India, the LLP Company Registration concept was first introduced in the year 2008 and is governed by the Limited Liability Partnership Act of 2008 and Limited Liability Partnership (Amendment) Rules, 2022.

Recently, the Limited Liability Partnership Firm registration online have become a popular choice among entrepreneurs because it provides advantages of both a partnership firm and a company into a single entity.

Why LLP is preferred over PVT LTD.

ParticularsPrivate Limited Co. Limited Liability Partnership.
Law ApplicableCompanies Act 2013Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
Minimum share capitalNo requirement for minimum share capital. No requirement for minimum share capital
Members RequiredMinimum two
Maximum 200

Minimum two

Maximum no limit

Directors requiredMinimum two
Maximum 15

Two designated partners

Maximum not applicable

Board meetingWithin 120 days of the previous board meeting. Minimum 4 board meetings to be held each year.Not necessary
Statutory AuditMandatoryNot compulsory unless partner’s contribution exceeds 25 lakhs or annual turnover exceeds 40 lakhs
Annual FilingAnnual statement of accounts & annual return with ROC. These are filed in form AOC 4 and MGT 7. Annual accounts and annual returns to be filed with RoC. These returns are filed in LLP form 8 and LLP form 11. Check more details here.
Transferability of sharesCan be transferred easily. It can only be restricted by the Article of association. Can be transferred by executing agreement before a notary public 
Foreign Direct InvestmentEligible via automatic and government routeEligible via automatic route
Suitable to which typeBusinesses have turnover, entrepreneurs who need external funding.Startups, Businesses, trade, manufacturers, etc. 
Company NameShould end with Pvt. Ltd.Should end with LLP.
Fees and Cost of IncorporationKnow the Fees and cost of incorporation of Pvt Ltd Co. hereKnow the Fees and cost of incorporation of an LLP. here
How to start/register?Check all the details hereCheck all the details here 

What are the Documents required to incorporate LLP

Documents required from partners to incorporate LLP

  2. Aadhar card/ voter’s ID/ passport/ driving license (Self attested)
  3. Latest bank statement/ telephone bill/ mobile bill/ electricity bill/ gas bill/rent agreement (Self attested)
  4. Passport-size photograph
  5. Blank document with specimen signature

Documents required for LLP:

  1. Electricity bill (not older than 2 months)
  2. Notarized rental agreement in English and No-objection certificate from the property owner (in case of rented property)
  3. Sale deed/property deed in English (in case of owned property).

What is liability under LLP?

Section 27(3)

Provides that any liability incurred by the LLP shall be its liability as a whole and shall not confer individually upon the partners. The LLP being an independent body corporate is eligible to enter into contracts and if such contract is vitiated, the liability rests on the LLP as a whole acting through its agents, partners etc. For instance, if the obligation is of a pecuniary nature it has to be met by the assets of the LLP and not the individual assets of the partners.

Section 28 – Extent of Liability of Partners
According to Section 28, a partner shall not be obligated as per Section 27(3) in his individual capacity merely because he’s a partner in the LLP. However, he cannot escape responsibility for any wrongful conduct done in his individual capacity, outside the ambit of his lawful authority. Furthermore, the LLP and the partner are jointly and severally liable under section 27(2), since the wrongful act done by partner was originally commissioned by the LLP, making it responsible for any loss.
The LLP can be help responsible for any loss suffered by the counterparty and both LLP and the partner can be held liable for any misdeed done by partner in the course of business-but in no event can the liability be shifted on to other partners of the LLP, the burden has to be borne by the individual partners/LLP or both but not by the other partners who had nothing to do with the act.