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Form NamePurpose
GST REG-01Application for GST Registration
GST REG-02Acknowledgement for Registration
GST REG-03Notice Asking for Additional Information/Clarification/Documents relating to Application for registration/amendments/cancellation
GST REG-04Application for providing clarification/additional information/documents for registration
GST REG-05Order of Rejection of Application for Registration/Amendment/Cancellation
GST REG-06Registration Certificate
GST REG-07Application for Registration as Tax Deductor at source (u/s 51) or Tax Collector at source (u/s 52)
GST REG-08Order of Cancellation of Registration as Tax Deductor at source or Tax Collector at source
GST REG-09Application for Registration of Non Resident Taxable Person
GST REG-10Application for registration of person supplying online information and database access or retrieval services from a place outside India to a person in India, other than a registered person
GST REG-11Application for extension of registration period by casual/non-resident taxable person
GST REG-12Order of Grant of Temporary Registration/ Suo Moto Registration
GST REG-13Application/Form for grant of Unique Identity Number (UIN) to UN Bodies/Embassies/others
GST REG-14Application for Amendment in Registration Particulars (For all types of registered persons)
GST REG-15Order of Amendment
GST REG-16Application for Cancellation of Registration
GST REG-17Show Cause Notice for Cancellation of Registration
GST REG-18Reply to the Show Cause Notice issued for Cancellation
GST REG-19Order for Cancellation of Registration
GST REG-20Order for dropping the proceedings for cancellation of registration
GST REG-21Application for Revocation of Cancellation of Registration
GST REG-22Order for revocation of cancellation of registration
GST REG-23Show Cause Notice for rejection of application for revocation of cancellation of registration
GST REG-24Reply to the notice for rejection of application for revocation of cancellation of registration
GST REG-25Certificate of Provisional Registration
GST REG-26Application for Enrolment of Existing Taxpayer
GST REG-27Show Cause Notice for cancellation of provisional registration
GST REG-28Order of cancellation of provisional registration
GST REG-29Application for cancellation of provisional registration
GST REG-30Form for Field Visit Report
Form NamePurpose
GST CMP-01Intimation to pay tax under section 10 (composition levy) by users who migrated to GST
GST CMP-02Intimation to pay tax under section 10 (composition levy)
GST CMP-03Intimation of details of stock on date of opting for composition levy (Only for persons registered under the existing law migrating on the appointed day)
GST CMP-04Intimation/Application for withdrawal from composition Levy
GST CMP-05Notice for denial of option to pay tax under section 10
GST CMP-06Reply to the notice to show cause
GST CMP-07Order for acceptance/rejection of reply to show cause notice
GST CMP-08Statement for payment of self-assessed tax
Form NamePurpose
GST ENR-01Application For Enrolment Under Section 35(2) – Applicable only for unregistered persons.
Form NamePurpose
FORM GSTR-1Furnishing details of outward supplies
FORM GSTR-1ADetails Of Auto Drafted Supplies
FORM GSTR-2Details of inward supplies
FORM GSTR-2ADetails Of Supplies (Auto Drafted)
FORM GSTR-2BDetails of Input Tax Credit  (Auto Drafted)
FORM GSTR-3GST Monthly Return
FORM GSTR – 3ANotice for Not Filing Return (Default u/s 46)
FORM GSTR-3BMonthly Return to claim ITC and pay Tax Liability
FORM GSTR-4GST Quarterly Return For Registered Person Opting For Composition Levy
FORM GSTR-4AAuto-Drafted Details For Registered Persons Opting For Composition Levy
FORM GSTR-5Return by a non-resident
FORM GSTR-5ADetails Of Supplies Of Online Information And Database Access Or Retrieval Services By A Person Located Outside India Made To Non-Taxable Persons In India
FORM GSTR-6Return by Input Service Distributor
FORM GSTR-6ADetails Of Supplies of ISD ( Auto-Drafted)
FORM GSTR-7Return by a Tax Deducted at Source
Form GSTR 7ATax Deduction At Source Certificate
FORM GSTR-8Return by an E-commerce operator/Tax collector
FORM GSTR – 9Annual Return
FORM GSTR – 9AAnnual Return (Composition Taxpayer)
 FORM GSTR – 9CStatement of audited annual accounts and a reconciliation
FORM GSTR-10Final Return
FORM GSTR -11Statement Of Inward Supplies By Persons Having Unique Identification Number (UIN)
Form NamePurpose
FORM  GST ITC-01Declaration for claim of input tax credit under sub-section (1) of section 18.
FORM GST ITC-02Declaration for transfer of ITC in case of sale, merger, demerger, amalgamation, lease or transfer of a business under sub-section (3) of section 18.
FORM GST ITC-03Declaration for intimation of ITC reversal on inputs, inputs contained in semi-finished and finished goods and capital goods in stock under sub-section (4) of section 18.
FORM GST ITC -04Details of goods/capital goods sent to the job worker and received back.
Form NamePurpose
GST RFD-01Application for Refund
GST-RFD-01 AApplication For Refund (Manual)
GST-RFD-01 BRefund Order Details
GST RFD-02Acknowledgement
GST RFD-03Deficiency Memo
GST RFD-04Provisional Refund Order
GST RFD-05Payment Advice
GST RFD-06Refund Sanction/ Rejection Order/Interest on delayed refund order (same as refund order)
GST RFD-07Order for complete adjustment of sanctioned Refund
GST RFD-08Notice for rejection of application for refund
GST RFD-09Reply to show cause notice
GST RFD-10Application for Refund by any specialized agency of UN or Multilateral Financial Institution and Organization, Consulate or Embassy of foreign countries, etc
Form NamePurpose
FORM GST PMT-01Electronic Liability Register of registered person (Part–I: Return related liabilities Electronic Liability Register of taxable person (Part–II: Other than return related liabilities)
FORM GST PMT-02Electronic Credit Ledger
FORM GST PMT-03Order for re-credit of the amount to cash or credit ledger on rejection of refund claim
FORM GST PMT-04Application for intimation of discrepancy in Electronic Credit Ledger/Cash Ledger/Liability Register
FORM GST PMT-05Electronic Cash Ledger
FORM GST PMT-06Challan For Deposit of Goods and Services Tax
FORM GST PMT-07Application for intimating discrepancy in making payment
FORM GST PMT-08Form for declaring self-assessed tax liability to claim ITC
FORM GST PMT-09Form to reallocate balance available in electronic cash ledger to major/minor heads
Form NamePurpose
FORM GST ADT – 01Notice For Conducting Audit
FORM GST ADT – 02Form GST ADT – 02
FORM GST ADT – 03Communication to The Registered Person For Conduct Of Special Audit Under Section 66
FORM GST ADT – 04Information Of Findings Upon Special Audit
Form NamePurpose
FORM GST ARA -01Application Form For Advance Ruling
FORM GST ARA -02Appeal To The Appellate Authority For Advance Ruling
FORM GST ARA -03Appeal To The Appellate Authority For Advance Ruling
Form NamePurpose
FORM GST APL-01Appeal To Appellate Authority
FORM GST APL-02Acknowledgment For Submission Of Appeal
FORM GST APL-03Application To The Appellate Authority Under Sub-Section (2) Of Section 107
FORM GST APL-04Summary Of The Demand After Issue Of Order By The Appellate Authority, Tribunal Or Court
FORM GST APL-05Appeal To The Appellate Tribunal
FORM GST APL-06Cross-Objections Before The Appellate Tribunal
FORM GST APL-07Application To The Appellate Tribunal Under Sub Section (3) Of Section 1121
FORM GST APL-08Appeal To The High Court Under Section 117
Form NamePurpose
FORM GST TRAN-1Transitional ITC / Stock Statement
FORM GST TRAN-2Transitional ITC
Form NamePurpose
FORM GST INS-1Authorization For Inspection Or Search
FORM GST INS-02Order Of Seizure
FORM GST INS-03Order Of Prohibition
FORM GST INS-04Bond For Release Of Goods Seized
FORM GST INS-05Order Of Release Of Goods/ Things Of Perishable Or Hazardous Nature
Form NamePurpose
FORM GST EWB-02Consolidated E-Way Bill
FORM GST EWB-03Verification Report
FORM GST EWB-04Report Of Detention
Form NamePurpose
FORM GST INV-1Generation of Invoice Reference Number